Is it worth the cost to attend a private school; short answer is no. Attending a private school is always more expensive than its public counter part. And I hesitate to say counter part because that would mean they are on equal footing and that isn’t necessarily the case. I have had the experience of attending a public university and private school and there is no comparison in my case. Now of course there is always the exceptions, for example Harvard, Yale, and the University of New York to name a few; chances are if you go to a ivy league school you already have connections through your family. If your going to be a big time executive or a wall street tycoon then the big name private schools is the way to go.

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We all should know by now that paying more for something doesn’t mean your getting better quality. In this case, paying a lot more money doesn’t mean a better education. Putting bigger profits aside, there are legit reasons why a private school must charge more than a public. For instance a public school has additional funding resources, such as state subsidies, where as a private school has you as the main source of its funding regardless of who or what pays them on your behalf. Some private schools do qualify to receive pell grant money and other programs that maybe offered by the state and the federal government, however, you will most likely end up with a big bill due after you leave school whether you owe the school or the government; most likely the government since the school is going to want there money up front which is the case for both public and private schools.

If you’re determined to go the private route because of necessity, for example, due to schedule difficulties that can arise attending a traditional secondary school than by all means do your homework. Seriously, make sure the school is accredited and even that isn’t enough because some accreditation aren’t worth the paper their printed on, so check them out as well. Accreditation is extra important when it comes to healthcare professions such as nursing and psychology where you need a license in order to legally work in the field; just having a degree or diploma doesn’t by itself qualify you to sit for the liscensing test, and if you can’t sit for the test then you can’t get your liscencse, and all the hard work and secrifice is for nothing. Also don’t think because a private school qualifies to receive your federal loan money that they must be a descent school, because it simply isn’t true. The government is taking a look at the private schools due to a spike in default rates among students and graduates of private schools; so if the government is taking a closer look at private schools then you know you better do the same.

I must warn you about the so called counselors of private schools, the counselors at most private institutions are simply salesman; they got there job because they can sell not because they care. So, when your sitting there listening to the sales pitch, just remember, once the school gets your money the counselor your listening to gets his or her commission. If I sound jaded, your right. The tactics these some what con men employ can cause you to waste your time and money; you must think about where their coming from and what interest they have in you attending their school. When someone is blowing smoke up your you know what you better think about why.

Finally there are some important questions to ask before seriously considering a private school or any school for that matter. Ask about their graduation rate, if its to low ask why and if its to high beware it could be a sign of a diploma mill. It also important to know the percentage of graduates that acquired jobs in the field they trained in; private schools will often include in their percentage those graduates who had to settle for job at Mc Donald s or other non field related employment. Also try to talk to individuals who have attended the school in the past or who are currently attending; if the school gives you names to contact don’t stop there, the more reviews you can get the better informed you will be. And finally beware of the job board; when they take you on the tour of the school they will show you the job board. Let me explain; some private schools will put a job board up with jobs that are in the field your will be training for; this is to get you excited about joining the program and to show there’s demand in the field; this isn’t necessarily deceitful; however, what they don’t tell you is that the job board is not updated; they put new jobs up, but they don’t take down the old jobs, which are most likely already filled. Don’t let them sale you a education with no future.